UK’s top fish and chip shops visit Norway

Representatives from finalists in the Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award in the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards, recently visited Norway on a study visit to discover the facts surrounding the largest sustainable cod stock in the world.

As guests of the Norwegian Seafood Council, the finalists enjoyed a three day, all-expenses paid trip to Ålesund on the west coast of Norway, where they learned about the supply chain of Frozen At Sea (FAS) fish from Norway to the UK. They witnessed first-hand the entire fishing process; catching, processing and filleting, and had the opportunity to study the science behind the country’s successful fishery management programme.

Aboard the Norwegian FAS longlining vessel MS Leinebris, and surrounded by the beautiful fjord scenery, finalists experienced the process of longlining for cod and had a tour of the vessel’s on board filleting facilities, learning how the resultant catch is quickly frozen on board thus retaining freshness.

Visiting Klippfisk Akademiet (The Klippfish Academy, finalists also had the chance to exchange knowledge with a selection of top Norwegian chefs; sharing the background and history of the Great British tradition of fish and chips, while learning traditional Nordic cod recipes including ‘Lutefisk’ and ‘Bacalao’.

Learning more about Norway’s resource management, finalists also received an insightful presentation from leading industry experts at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, as well as meeting with a wide variety of Norwegian fishing sector representatives during an informal industry dinner.